London Stop of WPT

If you love poker, you may want to head to London. London in on the verge of becoming the poker capital since this September it is going to be hosting over seventy events. The total payout is estimated to be well over 10-million pounds. Get ready for the poker fun to start the end of August of this year—that’s when the London stop of the WPT, or World Poker Tour, is scheduled to start. It lasts until the eleventh of September. Right after that is the beginning of the World Series of Poker Europe tournament.

It’s a great time in the world of poker and if you are a fan, it is time to participate. Not only can tournaments bring a wide range of experience and help you to hone your skill, it also can open the door to a potentially big payout. Now that such top-dollar tournaments are on the verge of coming together, it is time for all avid players to get in on the fun. Be ready for the fourth annual 2-day long Poker in the Park festival too. This one is starting on September 2nd and is slated to bring in 20,000 people. For players who aren’t in on this tournament, there are thirty small buy-in tournaments built around it. They are all taking place in various cardrooms in the London area. If you have never participated in the Poker In the Park Festival, then now is the time to get in on the event. Not only can you play games, but you also can gain more experience by sitting in on the poker lectures being offered. Various experts are scheduled to be in attendance. This is one of the best places for avid gamers to be because of the experience and the information shared at the location.

So far Jamie Gold and Peter Eastgate are both scheduled to speak. Both are going to offer their own expert viewpoints of the game of poker to those in attendance. It is a great time to take advantage of their own experiences of the game and see just how they became so successful at playing poker.

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