MA Debating Smoking Issue in Casinos

Many states are in the midst of debates over the issue of casino gambling and allowing it into the state. There are huge dollars available in the world of slots gambling– just as Las Vegas casino owners. A recent study showed that casinos in the city bring in about 60% of their revenues from slots. This took officials by surprise since it was a common belief that higher-limit tables and table games were the real money makers. It turns out that the smaller wager games, slots, are what consistently bring in money. Because of this most states are now looking to bring slots into their own budgets as a tax-revenue dollar generator.

Massachusetts is in the midst of just that debate: How to bring in slots gambling and how to regulate it properly throughout the state. This is a primary issue for MA and almost every other state because of the huge revenue that potentially could be had. The one thing that seems certain is that people will gamble. When the UIGEA of 2006 was instituted, it made gambling online illegal. Rather than people stopping the activity, they merely moved to offshore gambling companies. It proved that though it may be illegal in the US, people are still going to find ways to do it via other companies. The US realized this and is now trying to make gambling legal and regulate it.

The state of Massachusetts Senate was in heavy debates this past week over the issue of gambling but another issue also took center stage. That was the issue of smoking. Back in 2005 smoking was made illegal in bars, restaurants, pubs and gaming centers. It was thought of as a decision to protect the masses from the dangers of second-hand smoke. Now, the issue is being revisited by legislators who believe the ban on smoking in casinos may deter developers from actively investing in construction. They may feel that the ban will keep part of the gaming public away.

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