Maine Debates New Racino in Biddeford

If anyone ever debated the power of the people, then look at the state of Maine. This is a state that currently is working to build a racino. Right now the Biddeford racetrack is struggling like most racetracks in the US. Racing took a huge hit thanks to the recession and now it is becoming even more evident. During the recession, people had to cut back on their gambling and in some cases completely eliminate it from their monthly budgets. This was a hard time for them all and now that the recession is over, they are first rebuilding their nest eggs. Due to the difficulties with affording bills and the lack of credit, many people went through their savings as the only means of surviving. They now are scared and trying to build up that initial savings is their number one priority. This is creating a huge problem though for the racing market. In a lot of states there is talk of letting it die out altogether, but this isn’t an option for racetrack operators. They want to give it more chances to revive with some strategic changes. One that is being discussed is bringing slots gaming to the racetracks, thus creating a racino. A good racino is one that is going to offer a great combination of slots gambling and racing. The operators then use the money from slots to build up big purses and then the big purses bring in more gamblers. It is a cycle that is working for other states and now Maine wants its chance to see if it works to revive the racetrack market.

Residents in Maine are formulating a petition right now to bring in slots gaming to the racetrack at Biddeford. Right now they have more than 59,090 signatures on the petition, which guarantees that legislators in the state are going to listen to their petition. Right now the decision to create a racino at Biddeford is in the hands of the voting public though. If legislators deny the decision, the voters still have the final say on whether or not the change happens for the racetrack.