Making the Most of Casino Bonuses

If you are a fan of online gambling then no doubt you have seen the bonuses they offer increase over the past few years. You can thank the overall popularity of gambling for the change.  Because gambling is so popular, casinos are competing for customers. One way to sway them to loyalty is to offer great bonuses. The first bonus you find when you go to a new casino is the start-up bonus. Normally this is a matching bonus. For example, let’s say you open your account with $500. If the casino advertises “100% match bonus up to $250” then the casino will throw in another $250, giving you a total of $750 to wager with. This is a great way to extend your gaming time and come up with a better chance of winning. A good start up bonus also gives you enough time to play with “free money” so you can test out the casino and the games it offers so you can see if you really like it. Because it isn’t your money, if you decide not to invest further you aren’t losing all of your own money.

Second, you also are going to find the VIP bonus. This is just as, if not more, important than the start up bonus. Remember that the start-up bonus is going to get you going, but the VIP bonus is goiing to stay and grow with you as you wager over long periods of time. Normally VIP bonuses are tiered and part of the fun is that you can work your way through the tiers and earn more and more back. For example, let’s say you start at the “bronze level.” In this level you may get one point back for every $25 you wager. Once you reach a total of $1,000 in wagered money, you move to the “silver level.” In this level you now earn one point for every $20 you wager. At the “gold level” you get one point for every $15 you wager. You can see how quickly you move up the tiers and how much you earn back. In addition, VIP programs also offer you special cash bonuses and other deals to thank you for your continued wagering at that specific casino.