Memorial Day Hoped to Garner Big Slots-Revenue Dollars

This past Memorial Day was much anticipated by US legislators. For the first time in the past two years things were looking up financially. Since the recession, it is first now that legislators are seeing a turnaround to spending by consumers. Much spending was cut off sharply at the height of financial difficulties throughout the states. Without consumers to fuel money into the states’ economies, it was next to impossible to return things to normal. Now that the recession is for the most part behind us, consumers are slowly returning to their old spending patterns.

It is that return to the norm that US legislators have been waiting for- not to mention casino operators. Las Vegas suffered greatly because without discretionary spending, the slots market was all but stopped dead in its tracks. Now that people are returning to their old ways of life, they are taking vacations once again. Las Vegas is ready for the reinvigoration of their market. Memorial Day was the first vacation weekend that casinos were hoping they would finally feel the turnaround of the economy. They created vast specials to welcome new gamers and bring in first-timers. Almost every casino on The Strip was welcoming of tourists with a huge array of two-for-one deals, specials, bonuses and promotions to enjoy. It proved to be a lucrative time for the city and that’s great news for operators.

Operators estimated that Memorial Day would see a twenty-five percent increase in revenue for those four days and for the most part they were accurate with the assessment. People did come out and they gambled. According to research it was the slots parlors that saw the biggest increase in gambling activity. This can be attributed to the reasonable wager requirements of slots games as opposed to other tables that can be considerably higher in required dollar-play. This is just the beginning of a turnaround but for the most part that is enough for gaming operators.

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