MN Governor Accused of Wavering on Gambling

Some casino projects are weightier than others. In Minnesota there is a huge issue right now with the gambling plans coming into effect. First of all, Governor Mark Dayton has made a misstep that is affecting the state. In his early campaign for governor he made it clear that he was in support of gambling. His goal then was to support gambling and a new casino to be built in the state, either by the Mall of America in Bloomington, or at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport location. Either one would have been a great opportunity to grow the market and increase the state’s tax revenue dollars. This was his position pre-election and many voters stood behind them because of their excitement over the pending casino gambling center. Remember that Minnesotans are used to doing things in a “big” way. The Mall of American is a sign of that—this is a huge facility with over 4.2- million square feet of space to it. There are over five- hundred stores in the mall and three different levels of walkways for people to maneuver. The mall is a sign of how things are in the state- big. That is why so many people had their sights set on a big showing with this new casino project. Then Governor Dayton changed his mind, and seemed to backpedal on the issue by saying there wasn’t enough time to debate it. The latest session he stated, is no time to bring the issue to the market and it will have to wait. This did not sit well with the gambling public who belived that Dayton would do all he could to bring the project to fruition over the next few months, rather than years.

This is a difficult time now for the voting public. In a lot of ways they believe that they were tricked because Dayton has changed his tune about one of the main things they voted him into office on. Part of the additional issue is that part of the revenue from the gambling casino was supposed to go to funding the Minnesota Viking’s new stadium. Without it, they could leave the state altogether. This would be a drastic loss to devestate thousands of sports lovers in Minnesota.

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