NV Prepares for another Slots Parlor

Nevada is a gambling center that no doubt you have heard of. The state is home to the famous Las Vegas, of course, and that makes legislators experts at working with casinos. There is now a new one coming into the area. The Navajo Nation just inked a contract with state legislators to create a new premier slots parlor. The tribe wants to create a gaming center named Twin Arrows just off of Interstate 40. It would be well within reach of most of the state’s residents and beyond. The goal is to bring that many more slots gaming into the state and then of course 1)  reap the benefits of taxation and 2) reap the benefits of more income on the games. The state has given approval for the new facility to start construction in 2011 at the premier location. So far this would be the tribe’s fourth casino built within the US but it is their first venture into Nevada gaming territory.

This could prove to be a highly beneficial move for the state, but also for the tribe.  Tribal leaders have been struggling with their casino projects since the recession. No one knew how difficult the recession would be on them, but it is what they are focused on right now…ways to overcome. This project at Twin Arrows Casino could be the thing that brings big changes to the tribe. They would not only benefit from the money that a new casino would bring in, but be able to work on their own living situation. Bringing in the casino would allow for the infrastructure that the tribe needs to build water and electricity. This is a definite improvement to their  mode of living right now and would move them into a more updated way of life. Overall the casino project would be beneficial for all the parties involved. The state would benefit from building a new casino and be able to take advantage of the new revenue it provides. The tribe would also be able to elevate its revenue stream and make the necessary financial improvements for changing. It also would improve the every day lives of the Navajo Tribe.

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