Nevada Struggling to Regain #1 Status

Nevada is a state that has long been working with gambling market to develop it into one of the biggest money making economies in the country. Gambling of course is $1 billion business throughout the entire world and a huge portion of that comes from US players. Nevada has been on the cutting edge of that growth in the country and for a long time it was considered to be the number one gambling hotspot in most of the world. Of course now it has a few viable contenders such as Macau and Singapore, but still far ahead in terms of gambling development and growth. Now the state is set to get more help in terms of catering to the customer and bring in more gambling to its borders. The University of Nevada Las Vegas has just announced that they are conducting a full-scale signed to pick investigation into what really brings in customers in terms of hotels. If you ever been to Las Vegas and you don’t that the number of hotels you can find there are amazing and no matter what you’re looking for you likely are going to find it on The Strip or beyond. Hotel rates are something that many casinos are willing to play with the fact that the majority of their money comes in from gambling dollars people are wagering and not their hotel stay. Normally when a customer picks a hotel he or she is looking at the external amenities rather than the actual room. This is why University of Nevada Las Vegas students are coming together for experiment to see what exactly motivates people to choose what room. It’s expected that this information is then going to turn around and help Las Vegas to regain their lead as the number one gambling hotspot in the world.

Las Vegas used to be the number one gambling location but quickly fell off thanks to hefty competition. Legislators in the state would like nothing more than to get back to their initial money making top-notch casino market. This is going to take time though and may not even happen as completely as it did before. Right now you’re going to see companies in Las Vegas working with all the tools they have in research items to help himself back to the number one status for gambling.

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