New Jersey Debates Legalizing Gambling

A lot of states throughout the US are debating online gambling and its legalization. They know how lucrative the games are and how much of a benefit it would be to have millions of dollars coming in via online gambling. Most legislators are rushing to push the idea of legalization of online gambling because of the huge amount of tax revenue dollars available. New Jersey is now joining in on the fun, but making waves with its own tactics. Instead of going to congress and petitioning legislators to make changes, the state is holding a hearing for lawmakers to debate the issue. The question is whether or not to let companies online start offering their gambling games to the general public.

Up for debate are all online games from craps, table games to poker. The New Jersey legislators want to utilize all games to maximize their potential profit from gaming. Although the state’s constitution deems gambling illegal, there are still some forms of gambling that are allowed like racing and land=based casino locations. Legislators are arguing for online casinos to be included in the legalized gambling roster. The problem is that if the legislators at this meeting manage to change the laws for the state, they still have congress to contend with. New Jersey is still under congressional laws that cite online gambling as illegal. It could be a repeat of the UIGEA and its problems. If you recall, the UIGEA made online gambling illegal via banning financial institutions from taking money from gambling activities. The banks were tasked with policing online gambling activity and forced to be the ones who turned away the transactions. New Jersey legislators are going to have to be careful to not run into the same problems and issues that the US as a whole did and take the necessary precautions if they are to bring online gambling to legalization and regulation in the state. It may take some time and added debates, but overall most likely the change is going to come based on the sheer amount of money available if legislators find a way to make it work.

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