New Jersey Pushing for Sports Betting

The US Department of Justice is having problems again with gambling. This time the department is facing off to stop legalized sports wagering from entering the state of New Jersey. The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association is now involved in the decision and wants to be the pro-gambling part of the argument. It was Judge Garrett E. Brown who decided that he could overturn the Federal ban on sports wagering within the state of New Jersey. The state earlier passed a bill to poll the state residents on their support of legalized online sports wagering. This is the first move to make gambling legalized in the state and it is a big one. If this goes through it could open the door for more legalized gaming in the state. New Jersey has been suffering since the recession. There have been problems with the financial situation and the huge deficit that came along with the recession. There are few ways for the state to work its way out of the recession. Atlantic City in former years was the hub of financial revenue for the state’s coffers. It was a gambling mega-center that took on a bulk of the state’s expenses thanks to tourism and gambling. That changed with the recession though- suddenly the numbers being brought in were on a serious decline and are showing no signs of turning around.

This is the reason why the state is pushing so hard for sports betting to be legalized online. The legislators in the state are looking for ways of bringing in more revenue and sports betting could be the answer. In other states, there are the same concerns of hefty deficits. They are using things like slots to turn things around. The market is ready for slots gaming because of how popular the games are. The same is hoped will happen with sports betting. New Jersey legislators are hoping that it will do for them what slots have done for other states. So far it looks as if sports betting is going to be pushed through in the state of New Jersey.