New Transportation May Push Macau Even Harder

It is no secret that Macau is a gambling Mecca for the world. While other areas of the world are struggling, Macau continues to show huge growth markets. Atlantic City and Las Vegas were formerly the biggest areas for gambling. Once the recession took hold a few yeras ago, it felled both of them hard. Now they are rallying to try to return to their older levels of performance, but it isn’t easy. In particular Atlantic City is having a hard time turning things around. Quite possibly it is because of the heavy competition coming into the area market. States neighboring New Jersey are embarking on their own gambling initiatives and having a good time bringing customers to their locations. These customers of course are those who formerly would have been going to Atlantic City. They now are venturing into newer casinos to see what they have to offer. This is leaving Atlantic City at a loss. Add to the  mix the growing popularity of online gambling, and it is proving to be too hefty an issue for the city to handle.

On the other hand there is Macau. Macau is a location that has experienced growth time and again over the past few months, and that includes the height of the recession. No matter what was thrown at the small city, it rallied and not only sustained itself but managed to showcase a huge growth market from month to month. Part of their popularity is thanks to location. The city is located within a short distance of China, a country known for its dense population. This was a huge market for the city and now that market is going to be much more accessible. Now, the city is building a direct transportation line to China and that could be the very thing that puts Macau over the edge to solidify it as the number one gambling hot-spot in the world. It isn’t doing bad on its own, but now that it will have a direct route into China and back, the Chinese most likely are going to visit even more and spend more of their dollars.