Ohio Legislators Continue Regulation of Gambling Initiatives

Ohio is a state that is in the midst of gambling changes. It has been a long time coming, but residents are excited that gambling is going to quadruple in popularity. The state is ok-ing four casinos with one in Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo and Cleveland. The voters spoke and approved the creation of four casino hubs within the state last year and now the dream of bringing gaming in is coming to fruition. It was a long time in coming and caused more than a few hours of debate. The Senate and the House took their time in making an agreement regarding casino gambling. One of the biggest issues was to square away a continued “diversity plan” as submitted from the four casinos on an annual basis.

It took weeks of debate to approve of the changes but it was all predicated on the voters’ collective decision. Legislators were also hard-pressed to create charity bingo plans and to create a fee of over two-hundred million per year. The fees are going to be positioned to fuel the state’s federal deficit and manage financial shortfalls. Without the huge gambling amounts, it would be difficult to overcome budgetary problems. One of the biggest hold-ups in moving forward with the casinos was the continued regulation of the casinos. It is one thing to erect four casinos, but legislators had to square away how they were going to regulate the casinos. This is part of the issue that most states have been toying with. It is relatively simple to pass gambling law, but regulation is another story. Without the proper legislation to regulate it, it could prove to be disastrous.

Only time will tell how effective Ohio is at carrying out regulations for gambling. it should take some time, but with the priority gambling is taking rules and regulations should be finished in the near future. Remember that gambling means millions of dollars in tax-revenue for the state and that means that everyone is looking to the financial relief it will bring. The sooner rules are formed to handle it, the sooner that relief will come.

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