Ohio Still Debating Over Casino-Slots Combo

Many states are debating the issue of gambling and its legalization. It once was an easy decision and many states denied the request, believing gambling to be an unreliable option for bringing in cash. Now, it seems like the most viable way to bring in millions of dollars needed to overcome financial difficulties. The recession was difficult on state coffers and for the most part drained them to the point of forcing legislators to take drastic measures. They have thusfar cut public works programs, education, building, expansion and public aid programs to overcome.

The state of the US is that states are longing for new avenues for generating big revenue. Slot are the option that most legislators are looking to. Ohio’s Governor Strickland is pining heavily for the approval of bringing in casino/slots combination venues, called “racinos” to help bring in millions in tax-revenue dollars. He believes that the legalization and regulation of these businesses would offer much-needed financial relief to the state and keep it going. It is estimated that millions could be brought into the state if the issue is passed. There is a catch though. There is a strong uproar from the state demanding that the issue be put into the voters’ hands, rather than legislators decision-making. In particular it is “Let Ohio Vote” that is pushing to put the decision onto the November ballot. They believe that it is the people’s right to decide “yay” or “nay” on the issue and legislators have no power to make the decision without voter preference.

Legislators were at first hoping that they would be able to debate the issue out, pass it and then institute gambling into the state’s budget. Unfortunatey, things did not go as smoothly as hoped. Let Ohio Vote is not pushing for denying gambling to enter the state, rather their issue is to not allow legislators to make the decision for the voting public. They believe the Ohio residents should have the only say as to whether or not the issue is passed.

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