Older Slots are Still Good Slots

Even though holiday slots are popular, it is always good to look backwards at other slots for a change. Franken Cash is a slot that was really popular back in October, but that doesn’t mean you can’t revisit it for a twist. This is one of those games that comes with a lot of cute visuals. You are going to remember October fondly with Frankenstein and his Bride on the screen. You are also going to find symbols like coffins, castles and of course the Franken Cash logo. This is particularly lucrative and if you can get it, you are going to be able to get even more wins this way. Overall Franken Cash is a cute game that is going to offer you quite a big of fun. Don’t expect a lot of extras though…this game doesn’t come with any wilds, multipliers or bonuses. That is the worst of the game, but there is a lot of extras. Despite the lack of features, this game still can offer any game lover a grea time. You can make matches and find out what you win if you get lucky with the various creepy symbols.

In this game there is still a 2500 cion bonus to enjoy. That can help you to make that much more in wins. Think of how many extra spins you can make with that! This is a game developed and created by MicroGaming, and of course if you have been playing online gmaes for any length of time, you know that this i sone of the top companies on the scene today. Microgaming comes with a long list of games to enjoy and Franken Cash is another one. Despite it being no where near Halloween anymore, there is still a huge benefit to keeping this game as one of you rmost frequent activities when you are looking for online games. Check out Franken Cash at any Microgaming-powered casino. You can have hours of fun and enjoy the big benefits. No- there aren’t wilds, multipliers or bonuses to have fun with, but you can hit enough matches to make up for it.

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