PA Approves Valley Forge Casino for Slots Gaming

Pennsylvania is a state whose legislators are thoroughly in debates over gambling. This is not unlike most states in the US that are currently looking for gambling initiatives to help them through the difficult economic times post=-recession. The recession was difficult on states everywhere and now many are left with huge deficits and enormous budgetary concerns over how they’re going to shore up their own state coffers. There are few options to work with. In fact, there really is one main target of concentration that legislators are worried about right now-gambling. Gambling is a $3 billion business right now and that number is expected to double in the next three years. You’re going to find more and more gambling initiatives targeted at bringing in huge dollars because state legislators just don’t have many other options focus on right now. They’re willing to look into gambling due to the tremendous potential payback it could give them. Imagine what an economy could do by suddenly having an extra $3-$6 million in revenue every month! Legislators are fully aware of the potential at their fingertips if they can come up with viable gambling laws to help them manage the deficits with help from additional tax revenue dollars.

Pennsylvania officials just approved Valley Forge Convention Center as a location that can allow both slots gaming in table games into their business. This is part of their hope the gambling to be the one thing that truly turned around the market. It’s no secret how prolific slots games have been for other markets and most likely this is going to continue as they expand throughout the US territories. Legislators are excited about the change and looking ahead to a time when they can earmark funds to various budgetary needs and limiting cutbacks, layoffs and other desperate strategies to make it through the future economy.

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