PA Still Working out Gambling Details

The state of Pennsylvania has long been in debates over how to legalize gambling. Not that they don’t have their share of practice– there are nine casinos within the state, after all!  The state has a lot of gambling and relies on it for economic sustenance as much as it can. The state’s legislators are fully aware of how lucrative gaming is and how difficult the economy has been. This is why they, like other states, have pushed for gambling so hard. Of course, like other states there were two sides drawn up against each other on the issue, but in the end progambling won out. Now the state’s residents are in debates over how developers are going to implement their gambling plans. So far about three-hundred people are expected to be in attendance at the Gettysburg battlefield this coming week.

The meetings are scheduled to properly listen to residents on what they want to do to keep a safe and secure home with the rise in casino development. Developers will be in attendance to offer their own plans in detail and show the public that they are planning on the changes with as little disruption as possible. It was thought at the beginning that positioning a casino at Gettysburg might meet with opposition due to the area’s strong historic background. Fortnately, the Gettysburg Association decided that it would be alright if they relied on gambling that was affiliated with the “Gettysburg” name. This means that developers are ready to move in. The Gettysburg already has a good draw and if casino gambling is added, developers are hoping that that will spur the market into travel, wager, dining and entertainment once again. This move could very well open the door up to other historic areas wanting casinos in their areas. The fact is that gambling is big business and if developers are able to manage their budgets properly, they could potentially walk away with tens-of millions of dollars throughout the year of operations. This is why Gettysburg was so open to bringing in more tourism with the added draw of gambling within the state and specifically within their stomping grounds.

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