PA Welcomes More Jobs, But at a Low Wage

It’s no secret that the recession was difficult on the economy. Pennsylvania was no different and like other larger cities, it suffered larger than normal unemployment highs throughout the recession. Though it is showing nascent signs of recover, the state is still fighting hard to turn things around. The state’s officials know that they need to do something drastic to help the economy to recover. One of the things the state’s lawmakers decided was to add table games to their casinos. The benefit of doing this is twofold.

  • Money. It is no secret that gambling is big business. If you love to gamble you are not alone. There are millions just like you who have tried their luck at casinos and keep going back for the excitement. They may or may not walk away with a win, but they keep playing. The benefit here for the state is that the more people who go gaming, the more revenue the state has to work with. They can begin to chip away at the huge deficit and avoid cutting costs for expensive government, local and municipal businesses. For example, school funding within the state for 2011 was set to get another big slash out of it before this gamblign change happened.
  • Jobs. The other positive move that creating more tables for a casino has is to create jobs. PA has opened its doors recently to 4,460 jobs due to the increase in table games. That’s a huge number for the locals who have been out of work for a year, maybe even two. They know full well how precious a job is and if offered the opportunity they won’t mess it up.

The state has created more jobs and that is great news for those who have been looking for some time. Unfortunately, it also brings new light to the fact that the country was in the midst of a harrowing recession. Without the addition of table games, the state would still be looking for ways to bring new jobs to the market. Though it will take time to see how much good this move does, it still is telling that people are employed at the state’s various casino facilities in mass numbers– 12,700 to be exact!

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