Paddy Power Welcomes New COO

The world of gambling is consistently changing. One of the best things about gaming though is that you won’t get bored easily with the sheer number of games, and variations of games you can find online. Another thing that is changing is the inner working of online casinos. No one denies how competitive the market is. If you want great gaming, now is the time to demand it. Not only are companies making huge changes, they are also reconfiguring their executive staff to better serve the purpose and vision statement of the casino. For example, Paddy Power just announced that it has appointed a new COO, Chief Operating Officer, Breon Corcoran. He is now in charge of managing operations that directly correlate to online gambling and games. Corcoran has been with the company since 2001 so he knows full well how far the company has come over the years. He also knows how it has developed and has a great knowledge of where it should be going in the future. Because he has already watched it evolve, he also knows how to manage it even further in the market.

One of the biggest challenges Corcoran has is to usher in the company’s expansion project for 2011 and beyond. The board is in need of some strategic planning from him that will allow them to grow with the market. He also is in charge of development opportunities and leading the company through them. This is no small task that he has and it will take a fine mind, determination and competitiveness. If there is one thing that is good news though it is that his job is integral to the company and it will allow him the opportunity to flourish as a leader. He already is well attuned to where the company is going as he has had a front row seat for almost ten years now in its development and changes. He can most likely relatively easily sort through its biggest issues, diagnose them and create a tangible plan to eliminate them. Overall Corcoran is excited about the opportunity and set on taking his responsibilities and handling them with ease.

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