Player’s Suite Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

If you love the game of roulette then you are going to love the new Wager Work variation of the game. You can now go to the casino and test out Player’s Suite Triple Bonus Spin Roulette. This is a version of the game that is going to offer you a much larger edge against the House and who can ask for more with a gambling game? In this game, you are going to get to work with one more pocket for the ball. By including that one more space, you change the odds of the games considerably. In fact that one space ends up pushing your edge up to 98.11%. That is a great edge to work with and if you love to play the odds then this is a game to get in on. Remember that in gambling working with as big an odds percentage as you can find is always the way to go. Make sure that you are searching for ways to keep on winning. This is a game that has a great payout appeal to it and if you want to give yourself a great shot at taking home that much more, then definitely give it a few spins.

With this game when your ball lands in that additional well, you get a bonus payout and a free spin with a triple payout to it. There are four different bonus wagers possible in the game and you can work with all of them to get a 12X multiplier added to your overall win. In this game you also have a chance to take home 12,000X your triggering bet when you get the ball in the extra well. Overall this is an exciting take on the game of roulette and you are going to love the different ways that you can manage the game and win over time. Test out Player’s Suite Triple Bonus Spin Roulette and see for yourself how much fun this new version of roulette can be for any gambler.

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