Playing at Home Versus a Loud Casino- Part 2

If you are trying to get through the transition to playing at the casino as opposed to playing at home, there are some careful steps you need to work with.

First of all, the bankroll is crucial to remember. You want to be sure that you set your limits before you get to the casino and stick to it. This is the single most important thing to remember when wagering. Even if you are at a “friendly home game” you want to still keep some control of what you are spending overall.

Though this is negotiable in the casual world, it is NEVER negotiable in the real casino world. When you go to the casino you have to be careful about what you are wagering at every moment. All you have to do is look at the headlines throughout history and you are going to see the many players who forgot. You can see high-rollers who went overboard. You can see not-so high-rollers who did the same.

The bottom line is that they end up owing the casino huge dollars. This is a horrible place to be in – high-roller or not- and you want to avoid this at all costs. Watching your bankroll is a key way to make this happen.

Another tip for you if you are playing at the casino is to learn how to block out the chaos. At home things may get loud, but likely they are never going to get as loud as they will be in a high-traffic land- based casino. Just look at any exciting blackjack table, or a good poker table- you likely are going to hear people screaming. There is going to be music. Dealers yelling and a variety of other sounds to distract you. You aren’t going to have any kind of peace that you would have in the privacy of your own home. This is where concentration has to come in. You have to be able to still focus on your strategy when playing games that aren’t completely about luck. This may be difficult, but most gamblers¬†are aware of how important it is. Take time when working at a casino and remember that casino operators are not forgiving. They are going to hold you to any amount you go over your own limits!