Playing Gold Factory Slots Game

If you are looking for a new slots game to play, then you are in luck. You are going to have more options than ever when you browse through an online catalog or the floor of a slots parlor. All you have to do is go to either and you are going to understand immediately how much the games have to offer. One new game you should definitely test out the next time you are looking for a game is Gold Factory. This is a game that has five-reels to it and fifty paylines. You are going to appreciate the added paylines too since they are going to give you that many more chances to win extra coins. In this game you are going to likely have a lot of extras due to how well Playtech put the game together. Playtech is a top-five software company when it comes to building new games and you can benefit with some great gaming sessions as a result. In this game you can wager a wide range too—you can wager anywhere from one-penny up to one-quarter. That means that you are going to have control over how much you want to wager and take a shot at with each reel spin. This is something that you are going to find in a lot of games these days and that means you have even more fun with the wagering systems they offer.

The other thing that is going to help you to win more with this game is the Boiler Room bonus. This is a special feature that was built into the game by the developers and you can get to pick your own bonuses here. You get different hoppers laid out before you and your job is to randomly pick the ones you want to take a shot at. If you get the right one, you end up winning some great multiplier bonuses and other extras. Overall this Gold Factory slots game is a great game that should allow you to have hours of gaming fun at the slots parlor the next time you want to play.

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