Playing ‘Mad Dash’ Slots Game

If you are a fan of slots games, then you should give a few spins on the ‘Mad Dash’ game. This is a game that you are going to love due to the overwhelming ways there are for you to win big. The game is a five-reel game that has a total of twenty-paylines to win on. It also comes with a huge jackpot win, wilds and free spin bonuses. Remember that in the world of slots gaming, the more free spin opportunities you can find, the better. It gives you that much more of a shot at making a great combination where you can win more in return. That win may not always be more money– it could very well be more spins. That’s not bad though- it can lead you into a winning spiral.  With the Mad Dash game, you are going to love the wager range too. Regardless of your bankroll limits, you can still play with this game. You can wager anywhere from one penny up to a quarter per payline of the game. The big jackpot if you get lucky is 2,000 coins. If you are a slots gamer in search of a great gaming experience that is affordable on every level, then this could be the best game for you to try next time you go to a casino.

On every line you can wager up to twenty coins. That means that though there is a 2,000 coin bonus, you can turn it into a total win of 40,000 if you bring a big of extra luck. This is one of the biggest advantages of the game. With this one, if you get lucky, you get really lucky and benefit in the end more than you would on another game. For peopel wanting to watch their bankrolls but still maximize their wins, this is the perfect answer. You are going to find symbols like foxes, turtles and rabbits in this game and the visual appeal is cute. It is one of those games that comes with a great amount of gaming fun, visual appeal and payout potential. Test out Mad Dash and see for yourself how much fun this slots game can be.

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