Playing Roulette Online- Part 2

When a player is ready to buy into the roulette game he or she must have roulette style chips. Then each player is designated a color when they buy into roulette. There is a minimum and maximum bet so be sure to read what the rules are before you join in on a game. Remember that just like other games, roulette can have varying rules as written by the casino hosting. Each roulette table may vary in the min and max betting allotments. The betting begins once the dealer has removed the maker from the last winning number from the betting area.When you bet, and decide to bet both inside and or outside the betting area. You are choosing numbers on the inside or a straddle line between two numbers. Playing a bet on the outside means you are betting on the boxes around the numbers. Also when betting on black or red, that is outside the numbers on the roulette table.

When betting keep in mind if you are betting on numbers straight up you will net a pretty nice return paying 35 to 1 if you choose the correct number of course. A split bet is a bet you can make on two numbers at once and the payout is generally half, paying 17 to 1.¬†Each betting area allows you to bet as many chips as you want provided you do the minimum and not exceed the maximum. Once the dealer spins the wheel, last chance bets can be taken, but as soon as the ball drops the dealer will wave his arm over the table to signal no more bets. It is very important to remember when you are done playing at the roulette table to cash in your chips their for the casino chips, or else you will not be able to cah out with the cashier at the end of your night. Overall roulette is a great game of luck to join in on. It is becoming more and more popular in online gambling so join in on the fun and have a great time. You won’t be disappointed you did as long as you understand the rules and bets.

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