Playing the Diamond Dozen Slots Game

One of the best things about the gambling market right now is the sheer number of options you are going to find when you go to a good casino. There are going to be new games regularly- a tactic that gaming companies are still using to keep people coming back. By far this is the number one way to make people continue their patronage of a single casino- variation. That is exactly what you are going to find in the slots gaming market. If you’re looking for a new game that celebrates luxury, then test out Diamond Dozen. This is a five-reel game with twenty exciting paylines to it. You are going to love the visual appeal of this game and the developers did a great job of integrating the theme of top-dollars. You are going to find mansions, luxury cars, gold and of course lots of diamonds dancing on the screen when you spin the reels. There are plenty of symbls to work with and you should love them as you continue to wager. This is one of the games that you are going to spend some time with, so brace yourself for a lot of run, and a lot of returns with it.

The Diamond Dozens game offers plenty of bonuses to work with. You are goign to find a free- spin bonus that offers you up to twelve free spins to work with. This is a great shot of winning that much more– without having to pay for the extra spins. You also can line up three or more of the white diamonds and get to the Diamond Delight bonus. You get to pick from ten different options to see what else you can win if you get lucky. You are going to love this game and all it has to offer, so be sure to test it out and see if you can’t get lucky with it.

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