Poker Stars and Fox Join Forces- Part 1

If you are a poker fan, then you are going to love the new collaboration between and Fox Sports of course is a leader in the world of sporting events. It offers information on what to expect in big name tournaments, the outcomes, the stats, player reflections and team management strategies. Fox News has pushed to become one of the biggest providers of news and their sports division is just as intent on becoming a leader in the market. The sports world is a billion dollar business that brings some of the most exciting gaming to the world—just tune in and you are going to find a long list of different advantages that Fox News has for its viewers. Now they are honing in on the popularity of gambling and namely poker. Poker of course is one of the biggest games in the market of gambling and quickly becoming a favorite among casino visitors—both online and at land based casino locations. Now that is has grown so heftily in the market, it is pushing to new levels of dominance with gamers everywhere.

Poker is one of the biggest draws and is a popular website offering some of the best tournaments and information for gamblers. It is one of those games that employ luck, but also strategy to its wins. This makes it one of the most played games in the market. Fox News is well aware of how discerning poker gamers are these days and want to continue to bring them in with some of the most comprehensive information around. The online website is going to provide everything related to poker from game stats, tournament outcomes, free-play games, community view points, professional interviews and tips and tricks for playing. This is going to be one of the best places for a one-stop poker information shop. If you are interested in playing or in learning how to play, then visit The website soon is going to include full on tutorial for the game of gambling and let you know exactly what the best steps to take are if you want to learn the game.

Part two coming next.

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