Premiere Event Center Enters the Market

One of the best things about gaming today is that things are progressing forward at alarming rates. What was once considered to be an outstanding addition to gaming is now the norm. If you need proof that things are changing, then consider the new event center being built by Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel. This coming labor day weekend the event center is making its debut and should not disappoint anyone who wants premiere facilities for events, concerts and entertainment.

The new Harrah’s event center is going to be a 3,000-seat venue that is going to be flexible enough for outstanding presentations, but still opulent enough to offer people luxurious surroundings. The event center is trying by all counts to keep up with the city of Las Vegas. Las Vegas of course is a central hub of the gambling world in the US. Though it has held that honor for a few decades now, since the recession the city has a struggling economy. If you want to see the aftermath of a depression, then consider this: in the city of Las Vegas recently announced that it has a 60% mortgage default rate. That means that sixty precent of residents within the state are either in foreclosure or have defaulted on their home mortgage loans. That’s terrible news for the market and casino operators are doing everything they can to change it. They want to spur the economy back into growth and once again be able to collect the billions they were before. Now, people not only spend smaller amounts of money at casinos, but limit themselves on time too. Casinos are making choice in the hope that things like this premiere event center, will cause people to 1) return to their doors, but also 2) to recognize that things in the market are returning to normal. In the end, there are some things that everyone has to watch for. One of them for me is top-notch event centers. Not only do they offer business services to hotel staff or small business staff, but they also are there  to leave you go home with a snazzy picture of yourself and your loved ones.

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