Presque Isle and Downs Celebrates Anniversary

If you love to wager then you are going to love going to the Presque Isle and Downs Casino. This is a casino that has been around long enough to build up a strong market share and come up with plenty of different bonuses for their gaming public. The casino is in Erie, Pennsylvania and is becoming somewhat of a showcase in the northeastern area of the US. Right now there is a whole of sorts in the area thanks to the declining Atlantic City market. Of course Atlantic City was a gambling hub for years but once the recession took hold, it quickly lost a lot of ground. Now that the recession is over, it has yet to revive itself or turn around. The market is suffering greatly and having a hard time with revival. Though casino operators in the area are pushing for newer bonuses and promotions, little is helping the market. Casinos in Atlantic City continue to lose revenue as the months go on. This of course leaves the door open for other casinos in the area to take over and take on the title of biggest gambling hotspots in the area. The Presque Isle and Downs Casino is one of them.

The casino is now celebrating its fourth birthday and that means that it is going to be offering some great promotions to the gambling public. Its operators are well aware that to bring in as many gamblers as possible, it is necessary to push the boundaries of what they offer. Coming up with promotions in line with their anniversary is one great way to change things. If you want to have great gaming and are in the area, then visit the casino. You aren’t going to be disappointed at the vast number of games, promotions or the overall atmosphere of the Presque Isle and Downs Casino. It is a great casino, but also a great race park to take advantage of.