Profits Up for William Hill

William Hill is one of the biggest, if not the biggest sports wagering company in the world. The company has been around for decades now– since 1934, in fact– and throughout that time it has risen to be one of the most prolific companies in the world. Though the company started relatively humbly, it didn’t take long for it to change hands regularly. That changing of hands though is what made the company one of biggest due to the trouble people put into developing it. The compan in 2002 was even built up to the point of being listed on the London Stock Exchange….not a small task for any company, much less a gambling-related company. This is why so many other bookmakers have looked to William Hill as a business model. The company has squashed all former limitations of gambling companies and helped to make gambling a solid “business” rather than a hobby. This is is a company that has consistently developed itself and not it operates out of its main offices in Ireland, Gibraltar and the UK. The company also employs about 16,000 people throughout its offices. It moved to the internet and now has 2,300 licensed wagering offices throughout the UK.

All the company’s hard work has paid off as of late. Though other markets have not done as well since the recession, WIlliam Hill is not one of them. In fact, the company posted its 2011 Q1 revenue and noted a great increase in activity. Their land- based activity grew by 11% and their internet revenue was up by 26%. This is most likely going to help push the company to even greater heights, although it already has a great corner on the market of sports wagering. You should see great things from this company in coming months and if you are an avid sports better, then this is definitely a company that you should frequent over the rest of the year. Likely, they are going to continue to develop rewards and incentives for the wagering public due to their overwhelming success during the first three months of this year.