Race of Champions Beginning Soon

No matter what your favorite online games are, you are going to have a huge range of options when you look to the online market. If you are looking for some good promotions to watch out for, check out Casino Club.com. This is an online casino that has been around for a while now and knows full well how to build attractions for discerning customers. Right now there is a qualifier going on. You can get to the official tournament that is taking place in November. The Race of Champions is happening on November the 27th and the 28th so get ready for some great gaming run.

The Race of Champions is going to be taking place in Germany and this is the first time the location is going to be honored with the tournament. The winner is going to get two VIP tickets to the Tulip Lounge in a headed-arena and overnight stays for two at the junior suite of Hotel Maritim. It is a great tournament in the market right now and the amount that Casino Club has built into the promotion is indicative of how the market is changing. Gone are the days of small wins here and there. In former years you would play a tournament and have access to a few hundred-dollars in winnings. Now that the competition is so fierce in the world of gambling, companies are pushing the limits of what they are offering loyal gamers. If you are looking for a true benefit, you are going to find it in the online world. One great place to keep checking back with is the CasinoClub.com website. It is one that is premiere in casino tournaments or bonuses. If you are in the market for a new promotion, then be sure to watch out for CasinoClub.com and its new Race of Champions. If you love roulette and are at least a little lucky, you are going to be able to test your skill. If you do well, you could be on your way to Germany for a fun-filled VIP exotic vacation for two to enjoy.

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