Roxy Palace Online Casino

There is another promotion in the world of online slots gambling. This time it is Roxy Palace that is offering the new bonus.

You can go to the online casino and wager on their slots games to take advantage of their “Weekend Power Points.” This is a promotion where you can win even more coins. This is a bonus that works with your Roxy Palace VIP bonus. The casino normally offers a great VIP bonus. If you are signed up then you know the returns increase the more you deposit to your account. The more you wager, the bigger returns you get when you are playing.

Now, you can increase that even more. This Weekend Power Points promotion can help you to double, triple and even quadruple your overall coins. This is a great way to keep on building your bankroll. The best thing about this promotion is that if you have a limited bankroll you still are going to be able to win that much more.

Some casinos only benefit those who have huge bankrolls to deposit- this is not the case at Roxy Palace. Its operators cater to all types of bankrolls and if yours is limited, this is the perfect online casino for you. You are going to find plenty of different returns. If you are an avid gambler then this is exactly the kind of promotion you want to find when you are gambling.

At Roxy Palace the Weekend Power Points promotion affects two different games: Hot Shots and Big Kahuna. Hot Shots is a baseball- themed game that has plenty of bonuses on its own. This game has five-reels and twenty paylines to it. This is where you get to test your baseball knowhow and your luck. If you get lucky, you can apply your wins to the weekend power points and increase your overall bankroll. The same is true for Big Kahuna. This is a Hawaiian themed game that has five reels and twenty-five paylines. In this game you get to visit the sand and sea of Hawaii.

If you are in the Midwest and in the middle of winter, then this could be the perfect casino game to remind you of warm weather coming. Visit Roxy Palace and see for yourself how much fun you can have and how many additional bonus points you can get when you are wagering.