Sahara Hotel and Casino to Shut its Doors

If you need more proof that the Nevada market is struggling, then consider the Sahara Hotel and Casino. This is a location that experienced a lot of success in former years. The casino was home to a lot of famous names throughout history and has a great roster of success to prove it. In the end, its efforts and great history of growth may not have been enough to sustain it through the recession. The market is something that has suffered greatly as a result of the recession. You can clearly see where the business world has ended up—more businesses than ever have had to close down thanks to the recession and its aftermath. People were unemployed in mass numbers and credit was scarce. It was a difficult time for everyone in the US market, not to mention all over the world. Now that the recession is over though, it was hoped that there would be positive changes going on. That was not to be the case, however. Now the Sahara Hotel and Casino operators made the announcement that the casino would be shutting its doors in May of this year. The market was just too difficult for the casino to sustain itself through.

No one wants to hear that this is going to be repeated in the market, but nothing is for sure yet. It may be that this is the first casualty of the recession in terms of Las Vegas casinos, or it may be the only felled casino. No one knows for sure what is going to happen, but it is a dark day in the city’s history. No one wanted it to come to casino closings, but the market has been too difficult to maneuver through without at least a few casino closings to work with the market. Only time will tell what happens with other casinos—if they are able to sustain themselves or if they are going to inevitably have to close themselves.

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