Slots Offer Huge Payouts- Part 2

It’s no secret that the world of slots is changing. You don’t need to expect a small payout anymore and gaming operators are creating the biggest possible jackpots for every game. Though at one time that didn’t include the smaller slots, in today’s market that has changed drastically. Here are some slots with great payouts to enjoy:

  • Let ‘Em Ride- the jackpot is up to $26,165
  • Shopping Spree- the jackpot here is up to $1,041,545
  • Caribbean Stud Poker- the jackpot is up to $18,561
  • Crazy Dragon- the jackpot is up to $17,057
  • Card Shark- the jackpot is up to $141,183

As you can see no longer are slots games limited in payout. Remember that each one of these though is a progressive, so if you check back at their websites most likely the total payouts are going to be either much higher, or fallen to the reset point. Once some one wins the progressive, it is reset back to $0.

In the world of slots gaming a lot has changed over the years. While in the 40s slots were considered games for “poker wives” who were waiting for their high-rolling husbands, now the games have risen in popularity within the market. In fact, a recent study showed that in Las Vegas more than 60% of the overall revenue totals are brought in as a result of the various slots parlors throughout the area. That is a sign of just how popular the games are and how much they have taken over the gambling market.

If you are a slots player then this is a great time for you to get in on the fun. Due to their success more and more operators are putting their time and efforts into developing new games that speak to the gaming community. If you have a particular interest, then you are going to find a slots game that popularizes it. Whether you are interested in NASCAR or swimming, celebrities or dogs, you are going to find a game on the casino floor that features it. It’s a tactic being used by developers to maximize the number of patrons who come to their games and wager.

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