Slots Terms to Understand- Part 2

Another term you should be familiar with is the “comps” term. This is where gaming gets fun. As you wager more and more a casino notices and starts offering you complimentary items. It all begins when you are wagering and the waitstaff brings you free drinks. These are all comps and normally as long as you keep wagering, they keep serving. Another popular comp is dinner or hotel rooms. Some players get merchandise for free and even bigger prizes if they are consistent gamblers at that particular casino. Comps are great ways of earning more back for your wagers. They are great ways for the casino to keep you coming back too.

Another term to understand is “progressive payout.” This is a number that can get huge if you are playing on a particularly popular game or at a big network. Most likely you have seen these games and watched the ticker get to outrageous levels. You can win thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions on progressive slots games. The caution though is that to be eligible for the game’s big payout, you have to wager the maximum amount of coins. These are games normally for people with bigger bankrolls, but if you have it they can be highly lucrative. Finally, there also is the term “maximum coins.” This is closely tied with the “progressive payout” because it is required to be eligible for it. You can calculate the number by multiplying the number of paylines by the maximum number of coins you can wager on each one. For example, if you are playing on a game with ten paylines and you can wager up to ten coins per line, then the maximum number of coins per spin would be ten-times-ten or one-hundred.  Slots are some of the simplest games to enjoy in the world of gaming, but still take some time to make sure you are familiar with the terms you are going to hear when playing. You want to do some studying, but it won’t take long. There are terms to learn but the bottom line is that you spin the reels, wait for them to stop and then win or lose. It’s as simple as that and isnt’ going to change anytime soon.

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