Slots- The New Casino Money-Makers

There was a time when wagering for top dollars meant finding a good table game and hoping to get lucky. If you looked to the movie genre of gambling, all the big jackpot wins would involve a high-stakes poker table or a top-dollar blackjack game. It was through a harrowing experience of earning the buy-ins that a player fought all odds to win the big win. Nice formula, but highly unlikely in the “real world.” Then something happened…slots began getting bigger in payout values. No one really noticed at the beginning though. In fact, no one noticed in the middle of their evolution either. The slots games were considered to be low wager games that you played to kill time. No one thought the games were the big wins gamblers were looking for. One by one though more and more gamers were winning though. They started off by playing the highly affordable one-armed bandits and soon they were paying out top dollars. The reason was because developers pushed the games to offer that much more in jackpot wins. They also pushed for the games to offer bigger bonus features while you were playing. They were supposed to entertain at the same level as other games did. Developers were successful.

Post recession gaming companies did the numbers and realized that slots games were bringing in a huge portion of their overall revenue stream. In fact, the games were proven to be contributing over sixty-percent of the total revenue being brought in. At first no one believed that the games were this lucrative for casinos, but one by one casino operators reported the same findings. They saw that throughout slots were the most consistently lucrative games you were going to find in the casinos. This caused development companies to start working with the games even more. They built bonuses, free-spins, multipliers, wilds and scatters. These elements of the game all worked together to create more lucrative games. The more lucrative the games began, the more people were attracted to them. The more people were attracted to them, the more they were bringing in for casinos. Just look at the progression of the games and you are going to see how lucrative they are. The games are going to continue to develop in the market so expect even better slots games in 2011.

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