States Rush for Online Gambling Legalization

The question of online gambling and its legalization is still on the table. There are a few states now that would love to be the forerunner in bringing laws that would allow for online gambling. The two main states are New Jersey and Nevada. It makes sense that these two states would have legislators who are pushing the hardest for change. The states were formerly gambling leaders in the world and over the past few months have lost a lot of ground in terms of dollars being brought in from gambling. The issue is of course the market—the market is still hampered due to the recession and problems it has brought to taxpayers. If the taxpaying public is unable to wager, that means that gambling companies have revenues that are way down, and no means of changing it. Sure they can advertise more or build bigger promotions, but the bottom line is that if their public doesn’t have the money to wager, they won’t. Because the numbers are so drastically down, legislators in these two states are looking to create bills that would allow for online gambling to be brought to their states legally. It would do a lot to supplement lost revenue from gambling dollars in land-based gaming facilities right now.

Whether or not Nevada or New Jersey will be the first states to see legalization is up for grabs though. The states have some competition on the issue. They aren’t the only ones looking for change and the huge tax revenue dollars that gambling affords. Close on their heels is Florida and Indiana. Both states have made no secret that they too would love to have legalized online gambling brought in to help them with their budgets. This is an ongoing problem and the aftermath of the recession. You can expect that legislators are going to continue their petitions for more gambling and bringing it legally to their states jurisdictions.