Summer Vacation Leaderboard Promotion

If you are interested in finding new summer promotions then all you have to do is venture over to This is a website that is known for its amazing gaming structure and the hours of fun it offers even the most seasoned veteran of gaming online. You can go there now for an even better reason though. Throughout the summer months, the virtual casino is offering a Summer Vacation Leaderboard promotion. In this one, players are going to share in their guaranteed $65,000-worth of payouts and bonuses. You can go to the casino now to join in on the fun up until the fifth of September. This gives you plenty of time to earn your way up on the leaderboard still. This promotion is also handing out bonuses of $500 every week from now until that time. All you have to do is hold on to the most amount of activity to get our name up on the board. It is going to be a numbers game so you should definitely have hours of fun there. One of the easiest strategies to working with leaderboard competitions is to just play as much as you can. Even if you aren’t necessarily winning, you are going to be earning points that push you up on the boards.

Of course is one of the top online casinos around and you are going to find consistent promotions with them. You will have a great time sorting through all of their games too. When you sign in you automatically earn points that help you to continue moving up. The casino offers over three-hundred different games too so you should have no problem coming up with a great gaming session every time you log in. This casino has put a lot of time into developing their gaming roster so you can benefit with a lot of exciting games and no reason for boredom at any time! Check out Intertops this month and you are going to see how much fun a premier online gaming website can offer, in addition to extra cash earnings to anyone taking a chance on them.

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