Test Your Poker Skill Up Against Team Titan

If you love poker, then you are in luck. The game of poker has gained a lot of notoriety as of late and more and more players are joining in on the gaming fun it offers. Titan Poker is offering up a great opportunity for you to go one on one against a professional player and test your own skill. The official Titan Poker team is called “Team Titan” and the group consists of six members. They are led by Sorel Mizzi who is a very well known and renowned poker player. He joins players who are all figureheads in the poker world in their own right—Marvin Rettenmaier, Jonas Klausen, Florian desgouttes, Sam Trickett and Joel Benzinou. Together this six-member team promises to keep the games exciting at the website. If you have ever wanted to face off with the best, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to jump in and test out your own luck and strategy as a poker player.

If you manage to eliminate any one of the six professional players on Team Titan wins you a $100 bounty. To get in on the game costs a humble $5 and there is a $1 buy-in to the games. There is also an additional $500 to play for! Although the cash would be a good reward, part of the biggest draw of eliminating a professional is the bragging rights that come along with it. Team Titan is filled with six players who have made hundreds of thousands in the market by playing the game. Trickett for example, played in the WSOP of 2010 and ended up walking away with $693,827 by placing in five separate events. Rettenmaier placed at four different events and ended up with $88,000 in prize money thanks to his outstanding poker play! Overall this is a great team of poker pros and if you are a good enough player to displace one of them, you have a great chance at moving into the world of professional play yourself. Test your own strategy at Titan Poker. The top players in each bounty event will move on to a November 1 tournament. All along the way you can win more and more returns too!

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