Testing the Advanced Slots

If you ever had reservations about slots gaming, rest assured you are not alone. The games of today are being built to perform even better than they did a few years ago- now you can find advanced slots games. The things that make them so advanced are their graphics, sound integration and overall build. No longer are games mediocre in any of these things. Now, developers are taking all they know about the market and technology to build super- games that are even more potentially addictive than games of the past. This is a definite concern for many legislators who believe that a patron will inevitably be drawn into the games and here is where the problems may begin. The slots by nature have always been somewhat deceptive. Consider that if you find a slots game that you can wager “just” $1-per-spin on, most gamblers believe they aren’t going to get into any financial trouble with that. They believe that it’s “only one-dollar” and keep on wagering. The problem is that slots games are able to be spun over one-hundred times per hour- particularly if they are coupled with the auto-spin feature that a lot of newer games have. This means that that $1-per-spin wager is now a $100-per hour investment.

Add to that the fact that slots are not traditionally frequent payouts, it means that you can expect to lose a lot of money to the games. With these new super-slots games it is even more of a danger for gamblers to go overboard with their gambling. In a lot of ways, wagering is mental. If a player categorizes a game into the “low-wager” i.e. “no-danger” category, he or she may not consider the true problems the games can bring to them. This is a concern and legislators are working to better monitor the games. Until they do figure out a way to do so though, gamblers are on their own.

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