Texas Debating Gambling Law

Things are changing quickly in the world of gambling and Texas is just another state working with various rules to create a money-generating gaming schedule. In recent weeks the Rasmussen Report showed some telling information on the state of gambling within the state’s borders. It showed that over 75% of those questioned in the poll want casino gambling to be legalized. This is the first land-slide vote on the issue and those opposing gambling were surprised at the information. Up until now residents were undecided on their feelings towards gambling’s legalization and regulation. Former polls proved that people were divided on the issues and were waiting for more information before making a formal decision.

Now with the Rasmussen Poll legislators are even more confident that their voices will be heard by state legislators. Part of the biggest issue in all US states is whether or not the decision on gambling should be put into the hands of legislators or the voting public. The Texas economy is suffering much like all states in the US. Legislators have long believed that legalizing gambling would bring the revenue needed to balance the budget and turn things financially around. Their biggest reason for allowing gambling was that if they did, there would be no need for increasing taxes. This is the biggest win for proponents of legalizing and regulating gambling in the state. Now they have a good portion of the voting public behind then and most likely this will help drastically in gambling revival.

Despite the positive note, there are still some things to overcome before gambling is a part of the budget for Texas. Ten percent of those polled showed that they were still undecided on the issue and another thirty-three percent classified themselves as “conservative” and therefore against bringing gambling into the market as a reliable way of bringing in consistent funding. Only time will tell what is going to happen with the issue, but most likely proponents are going to continue to push for changes. The biggest advantage of course is the billions in tax-revenue dollars that could be brought in.

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