The Danger of Gambling Addictions- Part 1

If you have ever wondered about gambling addiction, know that the fear is real. More and more gamblers are falling into problems now that gambling has taken over as a billion-dollar industry.  Just consider the number of land based casinos that have been built in the last decade…there are hundreds throughout the world. Then consider the huge rise in online casinos. This is more than tripling the market for gamblers. Everywhere you look, you can wager. In today’s highly advanced age, you can even download applications to your Smart Phone and wager while you are on the go. Gambling is everywhere and that is putting more people at risk for problems with addiction.  If you wonder about having an addiction, or if someone you know has an addiction, here are some common myths to think about and contemplate.

  • Gamblers who are addicted wager every day. This is not true. Frequent gambling can be a sign of a problem, but it isn’t the only indication to watch for. A lot of gambling addicts play games infrequently, but when they do they binge. Binge means that they go overboard and lose way more than they can afford to. It doesn’t matter if they “feel bad” or can’t meet other financial requirements later; when they are in the heat of the gambling moment, they can’t stop. If a person does this time and again, they could be heading quickly towards a gambling addiction.
  • Gamblers who can afford to lose a lot aren’t addicts. This too is not true. Just because a player has a bigger bankroll does not save them from the dangers of gambling addictions. In fact, some experts say that the bigger the bankroll the more prone someone is to gambling addictions. The reason is because they don’t have the same inner limits that someone with a smaller bankroll does. If a person has absolutely not one penny more than $200 to wager with, it’s hard to keep going overboard. On the other hand if they have a unlimited bankroll, it could be sure disaster for them and all parties involved.

Part two coming next.

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