The Rules of Roulette- Part 1

Though roulette is a game of strategy and luck, you can still find a few tips to help you at the table. First of all, if you are going to play roulette online, be sure to always play at the European roulette when. In this wheel you are not going to find the “00” pocket. Rather you are only going to have the numbers zero through thirty-six. Remember that in roulette the house’s edge is high. That means you are starting off with bad odds right off the bat. Make sure you use the European roulette when to bring that edge down a little. If you play at the American wheel, the house’s edge is well into the 5-percent range, whereas the European wheel gives the house an edge of just over 2.6.

The best thing about online roulette play is that just like with other forms of gambling, roulette is highly competitive. Gambling companies all over know that to attract customers they have to remain competitive and keep on offering better and better deals for people to enjoy. No longer are most gamers new; they know full well what to expect from a good casino and when to leave if their casino isn’t offering it. Add to that the social aspect of the internet, and word spreads quickly. If one player in Europe finds a great online casino, all he or she has to do is Twitter or Facebook the deal and a customer in Australia may see it. Then that customer posts it to their own social networking circle and someone in Canada sees it. Today’s market is highly informational and casinos are trying to work with that and not against it. It is a great advantage to pay attention to social networking and message boards. You are going to find some of the latest information on specials there.

Next, remember that when you wager, don’t just sit at the roulette table and start wagering haphazardly. This is the most common method people use. They just put down their chips all over the board and try to walk away with a good win by luck. They may win, but over the course of time most likely they are losing more than they are winning. There are better ways to manage a game.

Part two coming next.

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