The Rules of Roulette- Part 2

If you are looking to maximize your roulette game, then remember to never wager against yourself. In essence that is what people who throw down multiple bets at opposing numbers do. The last thing you want to do is wager and win say $5 and then lose $7 because you wagered on a different number. To maximize your wins, you should consider playing big on one number. Of course you may lose, but if you don’t you win bigger. If you have the bankroll to support this type of wagering, then consider using it. Take a chance at one number and see what happens when you put down a higher chip count.

You also should consider how the casino is set up. If you go to a land-based casino they most likely will provide roulette players with pen and paper. This is to help them keep track of the numbers that were already called. The theory is that if you can track what numbers came up recently, you can predict what numbers are coming up later. Probability wise, all numbers on the roulette wheel have the same chances of the ball landing on them. Here is the problem with the theory though. Yes there are probabilities, but they start every time over again. Meaning that if the ball lands on a fifteen, the next spin has the same chances of the ball repeating that. Every time the odds are the same because there are the same number of selections for each one. An opposing outcome is cards: let’s say you pick one card out of a 52-card deck. The next time you pick a number there are only fifty-one cards, and the next time only fifty cards. So the probability of picking a certain card is getting better as the set decreases. A roulette wheel always has thirty-seven pockets on it no matter where the ball lands so probabilities never change. The games are completely random and that never changes throughout the gaming process. Don’t be fooled by probabilities or casinos that arm you with pen and paper. Every spin is independent of the one previous and that makes it impossible to predict what the ball is going to do this time.

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