The Snowball Promo Begins at Party Poker

If you are looking for a new promotion to take advantage of, why not test out The Snowball? Though it is still warm out and technically summer, Party Poker is still offering the new promotion. In this one you can earn part of the hundred-thousand plus prize pool payout. There are fifteen different prizes to try to win. The biggest give a ways are the $5,000 cash prizes and entry into freeroll tournaments that have a jackpot of $100,000! According to a spokesman for the tournament, the best thing about it is that anyone can win. It isn’t based on skill level so anyone who has gamed there has a chance to win. That was a purposeful move on the part of casino organizers– to create games that everyone can participate in with the same odds of walking away a winner.

Though the promotion is for everyone, that doesn’t mean that people who are higher on the VIP levels won’t have a slight advantage. If you are at the Palladium VIP level then you do have a bigger shot at a win. The best thing is that like its name “The Snowball”, as you play the promotion, your payout potential snowballs. Even novice players can test their luck and potentially walk away with and that is a huge advantage for newer gamers. In the world of gambling today, there are promotions that cater to every skill level and that means that even if you are new, you can still win up there with the pros. At Party Poker you are going to find some of the best promotions around and the games are great too. There is a wide variety of poker games to get in on, not to mention the tournaments and other specials. To get in on the promotion, players just need to sign in and wager between September 1st through the 30th. Winners get to take home all they get and they also can move up through the skill levels. This is the best way to continue to advance. If you are looking fora¬† great casino then check out Party Poker. It has great games and great promotions for every gaming level.

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