The Value of a Bonus- Part 2

In the world bonuses, there are the standard startup bonuses and VIP bonuses, but you are also going to find a huge range of additional bonuses that are tied to tournaments. A tournament is a great way to earn even more back. For example, you can find a tournament that offers a great payout, but also offers you a great deal. Let’s say you wager at a slot machine online—you may find the machines has a wager requirement of $1 and to activate all paylines means $5 per reel spin. Over the course of one full our, you could potentially spin twenty-five times and use up $125. On the other hand, if you find a slots tournament, you may find that the buy-in is $15, but you get fifty spins with that. Plus add to that the fact that slots tournaments come with heftier payouts than regular games, normally, and you can’t go wrong. You have more chances to win more money.

There also are referral bonuses. A good casino may offer you a bonus if you just bring your friends into its virtual doors. You can earn a $5 credit for every person who joins up, but also get an additional bonus based on how much they initially deposit. For example, if they deposit $100, you get a bonus of another $5, but if they deposit $500, you get a bonus of an additional $15. It is a great way to spread the word on a good casino, and also to earn more credits back to your account. Some casinos also have affiliate programs where you can earn more too by spreading the word via social networking or blogging. This is just another way a casino has to reward people with advertising efforts. Finally, there also are the promotional bonuses. These come up for various reasons throughout the season. You can find bonuses for the holidays or for a season. They are built for one thing—to encourage users to wager more. Now that the holidays are coming, expect a long list of tournament bonuses to enter the market. They may be built around Christmas, Santa, reindeer, giving, caroling, etc. Overall the value of a bonus cannot be matched so if you are looking for a new casino, be sure to check out what types of bonuses it offers.

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