Theft Still an Issue for All Casinos

One of the biggest concerns in the gambling market today is theft. If you look at the history of online gaming, you can see how theft has always been an issue. Let’s face it—online businesses in general are anonymous. A thief can set up a gambling website at an offshore/backroom location easily. Open the casino under an undisclosed and protected name and use a PO Box for correspondence. Then they built the casino and some promotions. People fall into the trap of a good “looking” website and start wagering or depositing their money. Then when they win a game, they don’t get paid. The casino may come up with some loophole that makes offering the payout impossible. Or they may just disappear. This isn’t very common today because of the security measures online companies are now taking, but when the internet gaming market first began, it was. People were left out in the cold in terms of recourse and lost millions of dollars to thieves posing as “real” online gambling companies. Many legislators who are against online gambling’s legalization are citing these past infractions as a reason why online gambling shouldn’t be legalized. They claim that regulating it isn’t going to be as easy as gaming operators would like to portray.

Despite the changes in the world of online gambling there are still other issues. The land based gambling world is still experiencing fraud and thievery—and always has. It hasn’t been as widely promoted though because no one has historically gone after the market like they are with online gambling. If you look at any big name casino’s history, you are going to see the amount of problems they have with security. Just look at the security measures a good casino has—not only do they have security guards, but they also have in place an intricate system of cameras and surveillance to keep everyone in check. No one points to the problems they have as a reason to shut them down—in fact it is almost expected in the market that they are going to have problems. Only time will tell where the online gambling market goes, but a lot of legislators are asking for the same treatment that land based gaming gets. Whether or not that will happen has yet to be seen though.

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