US and Gambling Finally Coming Together

Maybe the US took gambling for granted. For years now Las Vegas has been the hub of gambling. If you wanted to have a great week of gambling fun on vacation, the place to head to was Vegas. It offered great casino deals, hotel comps, entertainment and food specials. Not that it still doesn’t still offer a lot of specials, but Las Vegas has lost some ground in past years. In fact, since the recession it has not rallied like once it was expected to. Prior to the recession the Las Vegas market was considered to be impervious to any market fluctuations. For years it was a hub of gambling and only grew in popularity for the past fifty years. Since the forties it has been a huge money-maker for the Las Vegas market and for Nevada altogether. Once the recession happened, that threw a cog into the gambling machine. That is exactly what stifled the gambling market of Las Vegas. The city built its industry on nothing other than gambling. When that was stifled by the recession, it forced the city and state into a fullfledged recession with no other industry to save it.

Now the US is prioritizing gambling law. Most likely it is because other markets are being so successful with legalizing gambling. Macau for exammple is running heads above the rest with its gambling plans. It is stealing customers from every other market at record numbers. If the US can step in and legalize gambling, it can come together and push for a revival of the market that much sooner. Hopefully it will be able to come up with a viable plan for gambling. In the end, it may take a lot to push for gambling to be legalized. Legislators are making it a priority though. They see a struggling economy and want to turn things around as soon as possible. Gambling offers a billion-dollar revenue stream and that money could push the US market to recovery much quicker if it is solidified. Only time will tell what will happen, but most likely the market is ready for a serious change involving legalized gambling.

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