VIP Casino Announces New Tournament

If you love tournaments, then get ready for the coming months because they are full of them. If you get to VIP Casino you can still get in on their September promotion. The casino is picking two different games to focus on for this tournament and that’s great news for gamers who like variety. This month the casino is open to any “real money” gamer so if you haven’t opened an account yet, be sure to do that first. If you get in on either tournament you are going to pay $2. When you pay your fee, you get a credit of $500 in coins to play. You also will get ten minutes of time to game. The purpose of the tournament is to increase your credits as much as possible for those ten minutes. You want to get your name up on the leaderboard and take your claim of the highest player. There is a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000 for each tournament and every player from first to third place is going to walk away with a $20 win. That’s not bad considering the initial investment of just two bucks to get in on the tournament!
The games involved in this VIP Casino promotion are Blackjack and Caribbean Stud poker. Of course blackjack comes with a better payout of 3-to-2, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a lot of fun with both games. In the second game, Caribbean Stud poker, you have to wager twice. The ante is always more lucrative, but the normal wager can end up getting you up to 200-to-1 odds. If you love tournaments then these are two that you will enjoy. Not only are they potentially lucrative, but they also offer a lot of gaming fun to any gambler. This is one of the best things about online gaming these days. You can easily find games to play and wager on and you can find top-dollar tournaments that give you some added gaming fun. If you are competitive, you are going to love playing at these casinos and trying to get your name high up on the leaderboard for added returns.

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