Virgin Games Releases Leprechaun’s Luck

Virgin Games is a company that has consistently put out some of the best games in the slots market. This would be the norm but for the fact that the company has not been around for that long! In fact, it is one of the newer casinos in the online gambling market but in the short time it has been up and running, it has done a great job of building a name for itself. Of course the name “Virgin” isn’t new to any media market right now. The company already has its hand firmly in various industries and is doing a great job of building a cross-market brand for the world to enjoy. The company already works in the music, movie, books, airline and now gambling industries and is doing a great job of juggling them all. One of the reasons why this company is making a huge name for itself in the gambling market though is because it consistently brings newer games to the market for its customers to enjoy. Its newest game is called Leprechaun’s Luck. This of course is an Irish-themed game that comes to the market with five-reels and twenty different paylines to it. You should have no problem working with this game because of its tremendous visual appeal and strong gaming concept.

The game also has two different bonus rounds to work with: Wising Well and Leprechaun. The first one comes up when you get the wishing well symbol to show up on any one of the five reels. When you do, it opens the door for you to be able to play for the progressive jackpot. This jackpot, though it is a slots jackpot, can raise to heightened levels pretty quickly. The other bonus is Leprechaun and it comes to you if you line up three or more of the leprechauns on your five reels. Then you get to a special free-spin bonus round where you can win that much more. Test out Leprechaun’s Luck and you are going to see why Virgin Gaming is making such a great name for itself in the online gambling market.

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