Voting for Irish Poker Awards

You have just one more week to get in on voting for the Irish Poker Awards. The awards are presented to the market by famous Bluff Poker, a leader in the world of poker gambling online.

So far nominees for the award show have been picked thanks to a panel of industry notables from such websites as Bluff Europe, Poker News, Poker Ireland and Boyle Poker. Now public participants can also show their voting preferences by going to

You can go there and pick from the nominees based on who you think is the most instrumental in the market right now. The numbers are in and you can read up on all the nominees too. It is a great way to get an idea of what you as a newer poker player should be aspiring to as a gamer.

These are the players who have made the biggest name for themselves and you can follow their career paths. Poker is quickly expanding and that means that the door is opening for more and more poker gamers to enter the market.

The official Irish Poker Awards are going to be on October the 17th at Dublin’s Regency Hotel. Some of the categories you can vote on are the Best Tournament Poker Player, Poker Personality of the Year, Best Cash Poker Player and Poker Player of the Year.

The best thing about voting is that peers can decide which players are the most instrumental in the market and then honor them with a vote. This is a newer event in the world of gambling but it has taken off as proportional to the amount of popularity of poker has as a whole.

If one thing has grown in the market, it is poker gambling. Now you can support the market even if you aren’t an avid poker player. You can just start watching other players and supporting those who make the biggest impact on your game.

Get over to Bluff Poker and place your own vote on who has made the most important contributions to the game of poker and then support them. Winners will be announce mid-October.