Wagering Made Simple- Part 1

If you are like a lot of new gamers then you may have questions on how to start wagering. Should you go to a land- based casino? Should you log-in online? Should you wager a large amount once or twice a month? Should you wager a small amount a few times every week? These questions are all going to play into the mind of a new gambler. So how do you answer them all? First of all, when it comes to wagering at a land- based or online casino you should consider what you want to be surrounded with. If you love the lights and sounds of a “real” casino then you likely are going to want to start at a land- based gaming center. There are a lot of different casinos to test out and you likely are going to find at least a few that you enjoy. With live casinos you have to remember the purpose. Operators create these casinos to encourage you to continue wagering long after you should. The lights are there for a reason. The games are stationed at their particular spots for a reason. There are no clocks for a reason. The purpose of it all is to get you to continue wagering as much and as long as possible. Remember that the basic rule of gambling is that the “House Always Wins.” This means that if they can get you to wager $100, they most likely are going to walk away with the bulk of it. If they can get you to wager $1,000, the same is true. You are going to most likely be empty-handed at the end of the night no matter what happens.

So how do you protect yourself? There is really no way you can protect yourself from losing- in particular if you are playing games of luck. You have to just accept what you get as your lot. If you are playing a strategy- based game though, you have some control over the outcome. This may help you to wager safer and avoid losing a lot of your bankroll…or at minimum avoid losing it too quickly.

Part two coming next.

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